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Goleta, CA
In Planning & Permitting

In the early 1920's Ellwood, California was once home to a booming oil industry. Beneath what is now the world renown Sandpiper Golf Course were dozens of piers that stretched off the coast to harvest the black gold that lay beneath the tides. Nearly one hundred years later most of the piers and oil infrastructure have been removed, except for 2 remnant piers that act as  pumping stations for the soon to be demolished off-shore facility, Platform Holly. Years of salt water corrosion and tidal damage have left the piers in danger of being sucked out to sea or risk of oil spill. In the early 2000's Bengal Engineering designed a seawall system to protect the failing structure and prolong the life and safety of the facility. The wall has withstood many storms and  prolonged the life of this historic piece of local history.  Now with the off-shore and on-shore facilities slated for demolition, Bengal is providing structural design services to guide the best practice demolition of the remaining oil infrastructure with the goal of returning this stretch of coastline back to its pristine natural condition. 


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